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Surviving 2020 - How I’ve stayed sane “in this pandemic”

It’s been almost two months since launching this website and I promised to be consistent with my blog posts but - shift hit the fan!

Like many other people who’ve lost so much this year because of “the pandemic” (*Insert Elsa’s voice), I have gone through my share of challenges and it has been so rough I tell you.

The first knock I took was losing clients and all my extra income and as if that wasn’t bad enough, the hardest knock came in the form of having a salary reduction twice in as many months!

All of this has meant that I once again had to fall back into survival mode - Something I swore to never allow since pulling myself out of unemployment and homelessness many years ago. But, despite promising myself to never get to this point again, here I am again and I feel so defeated. Life has become so hard. Yes, I’ve made countless lifestyle adjustments to ease the blows but despite that, getting through a full month with a normal looking bank balance has become impossible.

Luckily, I have the world’s greatest co-parent and he and his family have been so helpful. I also have a wonderful sisterhood of friends who continuously light up my life and are there for me when I’m close to the edge.

My Alice has also been such a saving grace these past few months. Because of her, I have been able to find ways of dealing with the anxiety I have had from all the uncertainty. She gives me hope and because of her, I continue to pray and hope that things change for the better.

I tell myself every day that this too, like all the other storms I’ve faced before - shall pass. I give gratitude to God every day for all that I’m blessed to still have - A beautiful home, a happy, healthy child, a great support system, my health and my job. I tell myself every day that until the storm finally clears, I also remain hopeful and thankful that tomorrow holds the hope that this hell I’m in will finally come to an end and I can finally get back to not being in survival mode. This has been the only way I kept going “in this pandemic”.



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