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Personal Branding: Finally I’ve arrived!

Wow, guys. I feel like it’s taken forever, but your girl is finally doing the things with her personal brand!

I mean, it only took a hundred years (jk), but I’m here now and that’s all that counts, right?

As a PR practitioner and journalist, it’s always been so hard for me to get from behind the scenes to take up space for myself. I’m way more comfortable telling other people’s stories or selling their brands instead of my own. As my career has progressed, though, I’ve learnt that putting myself out there is very important if I’m going to continue growing my personal brand.

I’ve also realised that making myself smaller and hiding behind my work means that fewer people will get to access it. If my plan is to continue to share these stories, I’ll need to push harder and doing it on my own platform means that I have greater ownership of my work.

I’ve also really enjoyed telling my own story in bits and pieces through my social media platforms and I’m ready to share just a little bit more.

So, this rebrand was necessary not only for the sake of reaching a wider audience, but also tapping into my love for sharing my own story.

Say hello to the new and improved Rukee Kaakunga.



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Wearing many hats that include journalist, publicist, events organiser and freelance writer, Rukee is most passionate about storytelling and brand-building. 

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