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Life update: Finding myself in a rut

First of all, let me take the opportunity to apologize for my silence. I know I’ve promised to be more consistent this year but you know, life happens. I realized that blogging is something I do better when I allow the words to find me, instead of forcing myself to write something that I’m not happy to share.

Truth is, I have not been inspired to blog about anything since finding myself in a rut that has me lazy to perform at my usual level. I’m usually on top of everything - parenting, work, fitness and my side hustles, but lately, I just don’t care to give more than the bare minimum. Except for my day job and my child, I honestly haven’t been in my best shape. But, remembering a conversation I had with a former colleague, I keep reminding myself that each area of my life has a good season and it’s ok when that season isn’t now. Honestly, the only areas in which I’m giving my best are taking care of my daughter and my work.

Everything else is taking a back seat.

My fitness is in the Pitts - literally. Literally went from exercising five times a week to only managing three weekly sessions at most. My editor is probably wondering what’s happening because I feel like the last few fashion features I’ve submitted have not been my best work. And don’t get me started on my day job, lol. I’ve been a ball of emotions since finding out that my favourite boss is leaving soon. This woman has such an instrumental part of who I am professionally, even though we only started working together three years ago. Her guidance, wise counsel and sheer brilliance have inspired me to aspire to be an even better version of myself. My heart is truly, utterly shattered and I don’t even know how life will now look for me at the office.

In other news …

I recently went on my first international trip in over five years. That was the best week of my life, spent with my dearest and lovely friend Tuyeimo in the beautiful coastal city of Cape Town. Oh, we had so much fun. From boat rides to shopping trips and random tourist escapades in a city that I was seeing for the very first time. Oh, we lived! And let me tell you about the nightlife. It reminded me that I am in fact not done with partying, I’m just in the wrong country because clubbing in South Africa always delivers!!! That was truly the highlight of 2022 for me, I don’t care what’s yet to come.

Another awesome thing that happened during my hiatus is my return to my favourite place in the world - the swimming pool. Yes, I’ve started my classes again, using my two weekly sessions as my cardio replacement. It has been nothing short of amazing. Honestly. This is the one hobby that not only keeps me fit, it literally keeps me sane and makes me so damn happy I could cry. I thank God for granting me the ability to be in a place financially where I can invest in this once again.

I also finally found a private tutor for my child - meaning that after years of struggling with the intense private school homework, we can finally relax and know that someone else is there to help us help Alice with her school work.

I am eternally grateful for all the blessings coming my way during a time like this. My hope is to finally snap out of this rut and get back to my usual self. I am reminding myself that it’s ok to be here, but I still want to move along and get back to my happy medium. Let’s hope that happens soon.

In the meantime, please share any tips for getting out of a funk.



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