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Reliving Jayn Aeron’s Ultimate Makeup Masterclass

A few weeks ago, my makeup game changed forever, thanks to Jayn Aeron’s Ultimate Makeup Masterclass. Anyone who knows me knows how much I appreciate well-thought-out and perfectly curated events. Looking back at the mindblowing event, these are the five reasons I loved the Masterclass, and why I’d recommend it to anyone looking to give their face-beating skills a boost:

1. Upgrading my makeup skills

Although I’ve been doing makeup since high school (a million years ago), my skills never quite reached Jacky Aina levels. Not that I’ve put effort into improving my skills over the years, and most importantly, I did nothing to keep up with current trends. This class was the perfect opportunity to polish my skills. Learning from arguably one of the best in the game gives me the edge, and judging by the compliments I’ve received since, there’s a clear improvement in my skills.

2. An expert guide on how to use premium products

Experimenting with quality products during the class was a bonus for me, a penny pincher who never spends more than N$200 on a single makeup product. This class was a humble reminder that quality does make a difference. Participating in this Masterclass also meant that we had the opportunity to try out Jayn’s brand-new line of makeup brushes. And as if that wasn’t enough pampering for the day, we got to walk away with makeup hampers including the Jayn Aeron brush set and a few of their favourite products.

3. An opportunity to dress up, courtesy of an epic theme

While I did pull my hair out trying to figure out what to wear to a Renaissance-themed event, the ONE metallic item in my wardrobe saved me on the day. It was so lovely seeing everyone looking so fabulous on the day. You’d be forgiven to think Beyonce added Windhoek to her tour dates had you seen the eclectic outfits.

4. Hosting at its finest

One thing about Jayn Aeron? They’ll always be the best hosts. I loved the generous servings of good food and drinks available on the day. The decor was stunning, the atmosphere was welcoming, and Jayn was the perfect host. Being treated to a meditation and breathwork session by the Secret Sunrise team was the cherry on top of the cake. I was living for it all!

5. Learning about colour theory and skin analysis

Makeup is much more than slapping products onto your skin. There’s a science behind skin types and what colours, makeup and cosmetic products work best. It was refreshing to dig deep into the science of it all and receive tips on how to get my skin even healthier to achieve flawless makeup.

Want to upgrade your makeup skills? Keep an eye out for the next Masterclass by following Jayn Aeron on social media:

@byjayaeron and @jayn_aeron on Instagram @ByJayAeron and @jay_aeron69 on Twitter

*All photos courtesy of BeanniBoy Photography & Experience Studios



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