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The greenest affair at Monochrome’s Shades of SunDae

We’re still deep in the trenches of Winter, but though many of us lean on dull palettes during this season, the cool kids at Monochrome Magazine challenged us to opt for colour at their recent Shades of Sundae event at the newest art spot in town, Etcetera.

The invite called on guests to come dressed in green for an afternoon of fashion, music and art.

Think PantoneSundays but with a Namibian twist …

So, salvaging the only green items in my closet to put together a semi-decent outfit, I attended the event with my fashionable friend Kawela (who unsurprisingly nailed the theme). My forever plus one Alice was also in toe but very much off-theme with the only semblance of green being a pair of ribbons in her hair (don’t judge me please). As we arrived and enjoyed the unfolding event, I was so happy to have attended because the fashion served by the guests, darling??? I was living for it.

Street Style

One thing about this generation of Namibian girlies? They will serve a look! The men were also not to be outdone, with the few in attendance coming through on theme. I love how everyone showed up, and showed out on theme and ready to slay. All shades of green graced the event. In season olive was a favourite, neon made a cameo, and there was a splash of every other version of green you could think of.

Kevin Perestrelo, Quin-Leigh Hammond, Ephi Phill and James Nunuhe, Carlos De Oliviera and Susann Emvula on theme and on point.

MN Winter Capsule

What’s a fashion event without a fashion showcase?

MN Creations treated us to a Winter capsule collection fit for the fashionista on the go.

Photos: Monochrome Magazine

Want to shop the new MN Creations collection? Contact them via their official Instagram account: @mncreationsnam.

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